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All companies, at some point in their existence, will be faced with a corporate operation, either planned or unforeseen. Consequences will be derived from the way this challenge is managed and may be very positive or harmful for the company’s survival.

Since its foundation, the objective of MAIN has been to provide strategic and financial advice to our clients in corporate operations, working alongside companies and entrepreneurs throughout the process. Our experience allows us to advise the entrepreneur from the original approach to an idea or opportunity until the close of the operation, including all the intermediate stages.

Strategic and corporate advisory on:
  • Value of companies and assets
  • Design, review and analysis of business plans
  • Strategic assessment of subsidiaries
  • Planning strategies for diversification and/or increase in value
  • Searching for, locating and negotiating with potential technological or strategic partners at the international level

Global coverage

Our team has advised operations in the following countries

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